Big room everything included available for summer 2023

Started by langlitk1, January 23, 2023, 05:33:59 PM

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The house is on North Oakwood Terrence. You would be sub-letting from me from May to August 2023. Move out date is Aug. 9th at noon. Move-in is May 13th at noon. Rent is due on the 15th of each month, and you would be paying for 3 months—May-June, June-July, July-August—of 2023.

It is $810/month ALL utilities included.

There is a coin operated washer and dryer. The bedroom is very large. So is the kitchen and living room. There are 3 bathrooms throughout the house.

No pets and NO smoking allowed. Landlords are strict about the smoking. Approx. 5 minute walk from campus. Sub-leaser MUST be a student and 26 y/o or younger and must meet the landlord before the sub-lease can be signed.

If you are interested in extending the lease beyond August as the original leaser that could be done, but you would have to discuss that with the landlords. Though I am happy to help with any questions!

-Text me at 845 428 3357 or email me at Thanks!