one more female needed, must have car, house, 4 min ride from campus,

Started by eveningcarpenter, January 18, 2023, 10:50:36 AM

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2 current npz females looking for one more non smoking npz female to rent a bedroom in a 3 bedroom New Paltz house.
Sorry, no pets.
Available for $770. With all utilities included, so be careful when some rentals don't include everything, especially heat. This house is very charming and not dorm like, I've been told it's the nicest off campus home. It's an easy 4 minute drive to SUNY, on 32, so you will need a car. Lease is available from Jan. 20th, 2023 to May 20th 2023, House Includes: Internet, electric, washer/dryer, snow plowing, trash removal, landscaping with a large yard, 3 decks and parking. If interested, you can e-mail me at