Sublet Room + Private Bathroom for Month of July

Started by ConnorTosun, June 26, 2022, 06:20:18 PM

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I'm looking to sublet my room + private bathroom from July 2nd to August 6th for $650.  It's near Dunkin and Tops with an easy walk to campus through the neighborhood.

It's room #1(Bed Frame, Mattress, Wooden Desk) in a 6 room house that has an additional 1 bedroom apartment attached to the side. Two bathrooms throughout house (YOU WILL HAVE YOUR OWN PRIVATE BATHROOM ATTACHED TO YOUR ROOM), a kitchen, a washer and dryer, and living room/dining area. Gorgeous backyard w/ spacey shed. All utilities would be included.  The house will be mostly empty, as most of the tenants will have entirely or partially moved out by July besides other subletters. No pets allowed.

You can email me at if you're interested or have any questions.  :)!!!!

Please message me ASAP!!!