Transfer student looking for room/apartment

Started by cyevoli68, May 04, 2022, 07:47:35 PM

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Hey everyone! My name is Carmine! I am 23 and going to NP for a bachelor's degree in Computer Science. I start this August as a junior transfer student in the General Studies Program!

I like to watch movies and tv shows; granted at a moderate volume, I also make a great mixed drink from time to time that I may be willing to share (jk, I'll make extra for all of us). Big on cleanliness; sometimes a bit too much and love to play video games. I'm definitely a great roommate for those who have computer issues as I tend to upgrade and take apart mine. I'm also great with tools and helping around the house!

Honestly, I'm a bit nervous about moving to a place with no friends, but having walked around town and meeting with many students, I'm sure I'll make great connections! I don't party or smoke, but I drink socially (in case you didn't read above). I'm part of the LGBTQ+ community, and as a bonus, I'm also pet-friendly to cats and dogs!

Now that my little intro essay is over and if I'm a good fit for you, I can be reached through

  • text: (516)304-9896

Thank you!          Thank you!          Thank you!


I have a large furnished room in my house that will be available August 20th, 2022. Together with the room you get a bathroom to share with one other tenant. The rest of the house: kitchen, living room, etc. is common living space. There is a laundry room to use for free and basement for storage. There is also a big back yard area and central air. The rent is $700 a month with ALL utilities included. There is cable, high-speed Internet, snow and garbage removal. Weekly housekeeper cleans kitchen, baths and common areas . The house is located three miles from campus, a five-minute drive. First, last  and one month security.  If interested e-mail me back at or text me at 845-399-0739. Angeles