Looking for a place to live

Started by ikhazzaka, June 28, 2021, 11:53:05 PM

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I will be attending the MFA program as of this August and I am looking for a room to rent before the fall semester starts

I value a quiet, clean, and safe place to call home. Ideal roommates would be respectful, friendly, communicative, clean, and treat the place with a sense of ownership.

About me:
Mid 30's cis man, friendly, open-minded, animal lover, clean and know how to respect a shared place.
I don't have a busy social life (pre/during-pandemic) I don't smoke, drink or have animals but I am ok with them as long as they are behaved, taken care of and the place is clean.
I tend to be more on the quiet side though I am always up for a good conversation. I anticipate the program to be busy and value a quiet place to call home.


Text 925-732-8529
Email i.khazzaka@gmail.com