Author Topic: New Paltz Senior looking for Apartment  (Read 426 times)


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New Paltz Senior looking for Apartment
« on: June 29, 2020, 10:18:58 PM »
Hey, I知 Caity. I知 a senior in my last semester of my undergrad at NP looking for a nice spot to live in town, preferably close to campus, but a 15 minute walk will do. Rent price I知 looking for is between 600-750 with utilities included, preferably with Wifi but willing to negotiate the bill (or other bills) with roommates. Laundry on site preferred but not necessary. I知 really easygoing, I love to cook meals for everyone, I pitch in for chores regularly once or twice a week (minus daily housework), love housemate bonding, and generally pretty quiet. Only noise I make is violin practicing which can be done on campus most of the time.

I知 queer, pet friendly, vegan, chill, very down to earth, love to talk and hang out but also go out and have fun, and I love making music at any time or point in the day. My only thing is quiet time at night and having time to practice during the day when I can稚 go to campus. If you like hearing the violin and making fresh baked vegan cookies, you値l love having me as a housemate :)

Contact: // text me at (360) 536-8212

P.S. if you have 2 bedrooms available, my friend/dorm roommate is also looking for a place to live!