Started by npaltzrent, May 05, 2020, 03:07:19 PM

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We have one bedroom available in a very nice apartment on Broadhead Ave. - It is in an extremely well-maintained house.  There is an apartment upstairs, which has an entrance in the front and an apartment downstairs, which has an entrance through the back.  There is a driveway along each side of the house, one for each apartment.  For the downstairs apartment, you enter through the back where there is a backyard.  When you enter, the first space you're in is a cozy, closed in porch.  Then, you go through a second door that leads into the kitchen.  The kitchen is large and opens through a double doorway (without a door) into a very large and sunny living room.  Instead of going straight into the living room, if you go to the left you come to a small hallway which leads to the bathroom and the three bedrooms.  Each bedroom is spacious and has its own closet.  The bathroom has been recently redone and has a bathtub/shower.  The rent is $685.00 each per month and includes heat, garbage pick-up, landscaping, and snow plowing.  We have photos available via email

If you're interested, please email us @