1 bedroom available in 2 bedroom 1 bathroom vegan apartment available October‘19

Started by sarah_smile98, March 30, 2019, 12:12:52 PM

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My boyfriend and I are looking for someone to take over our roommate's room once she moves out at the end of September. We have a pretty sweet deal right above Main Street. In total you'd be paying around $555 per month utilities included. We share costs of extra things like soap, paper towels, etc. It's a two bedroom one bathroom apartment with a recently remodeled kitchen and a living room. It's a 10 min walk to campus and a 1-3 min drive.

We would prefer a vegan or vegetarian since we ourselves are vegan. If you're okay with sharing your room, two people in it is fine with us. You'd have to be ok with cats. You'd be signing onto a one year lease. (If for some reason you just want a short term lease that's fine with us, but we plan on staying the whole year).

We're pretty keep-to-ourselves and like quiet. Every once in a while we have friends over to hang out. We like to keep the place clean as well.

Rent: $466.67 per month(includes water, snow removal and trash removal)
Electric Bill: around $30 per person for us rn
Propane Bill: around $35-70 per person depending on the season
WiFi: $24 per person
(Obviously this is all per month)

If you're interested please message me for more information: 8457508604