Room for rent anytime lease from now till the end of july

Started by Cmchale, March 02, 2019, 05:17:35 PM

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I am a student looking to sublet my room in the house I am renting on 85 N Putt Corners Rd.  Rent is 565 a month, but I am willing to sublet it for $500 a month. It is a hose with 5 other male students and has 2 living rooms, 2 kitchen and 2 bathrooms.  Utilities need to be split among the tenants so you would be splitting internet/electric/propane.  For the summer months leading up to July (end of may till end of July) most of the time the 5 male students will not be at the house so utilities will be cheap.  Please text me at 516-353-3853 to ask me any questions or to schedule a day to come look at the house, my name is Connor.