Grad Student Looking For Room

Started by bjensenhale, July 02, 2017, 08:16:49 AM

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I'm an incoming grad student trying to figure out housing for this fall. I am currently living in Arkansas and trying to make the move to the area in the second week of August. $500-$600 a month would be ideal, but I can stretch my budget a bit more if need be. 

Willing to live with guys, girls, anyone really. Noise isn't a big deal (I've been the quiet one in a punk house for a long while. Ear plugs are my friend), though I tend to be pretty quite. I'm studying towards an MFA in printmaking, and spend most of my free time reading, working on various projects, and reading/researching.

Hopefully someone is still looking for a roommate, please email me at if I seem like I might fit.


I Have a single bedroom av on 8/1/17 in a two bedroom apt $600 per month includes all landlord req sec dep I am a sec sem junior transfer student apt is in town you can walk or bike to campus very close let me know back thank you