Grove Street - Double bedroom in house share for 2 people

Started by NPrental, June 05, 2017, 01:58:53 PM

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Double bedroom in a house share on Grove Street.  Total of 5 bedrooms.  Currently 4 females have taken the 4 single rooms for fall semester.

The double bedroom is available on the lower level of the house.  It is a big room with one entrance and it has a partial partition separating two spaces.  Can be used as two bedrooms or make a living room out of one room and a bedroom in the other.  Great for two friends looking to save money.

for two people its 415 plus 90 utility escrow per person. So a total of 505 per person with everything included.

Non party house, off street parking, laundry facility. Nice quiet group of 4 girls so far. Lease starts August 1 and goes through June 2018.

email for more info and for a showing.