2 Housemates Looking for 3rd to Fill Vacancy Starting July. Seeking Creatives

Started by goldsted4, April 20, 2017, 06:08:52 PM

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I live in a house about seven minutes of a drive north of campus, located on Old Kingston Rd off of 32. It's a 2 floor, 3 bedroom house. One roommate is moving out at the end of June so we'll have an opening that we're looking to fill beginning end of June/beginning of July. Our lease goes until December 31, but we can extend if we decide to. Presumably, though, this is just for August-December. Rent/utilities will come out to $600-625/month.

A bit about me and what kind of housemate would be ideal:

I'm twenty four. I've just recently moved to the area from NJ to finish up university as a Creative Writing major at the university. I'm a musician and a writer with an appetite for the arts. I'm looking for somebody who is interested in creating an artistic milieu in the house, but who also enjoys socializing and having a friendly feel in the house. With that said, I'm very much a homebody and I spend a lot of time alone, energizing in that way, so boundaries exist. I also have a heavy workload as a student nearing graduation, so a lot of my time is spent in that way. But I also enjoy getting rip-roaring drunk now and then and wriggling through the night like a happy little worm. I'm looking for a housemate who has some depth to them and is interested in living more than just the average college lifestyle, more than just being people who happen to live in the same wooden structure together.

My other housemate is also 24, but she's graduated already. She works full-time in town. She's very active, into yoga, hiking, running, crafting and a myriad of other things. She is very open and sweet & enjoys a structured life. We're both looking for the perfect person to live with us and have a really nice group dynamic in this house. We are both clean and responsible.

Add/message me on Facebook if you're interested. The house is truly a nice place to live--both location-wise and the quality of the house itself. My facebook link: https://www.facebook.com/dan.goldstein1