3rd year female seeking a lovely abode

Started by chika_boddh, July 25, 2012, 12:36:43 AM

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hey everyone,

i'm a 3rd year majoring in psychology (and possibly biology) and i'm looking for a place to live this upcoming school year.

my ideal place:
-close to school (~5 mins or less walking would be awesome)
-close to town
-only females
-3 to 4 people total in the house

i'm laid back, accepting, tend to be pretty quiet but i like getting to know the people i'm living with. i'm vegan and i like cooking and occasionally baking! love music.... pink floyd, grateful dead, and occasionally some dubstep :P

get at me if you think we'd click.... if i find a house or if you find one we can be in touch and live together.

reach me at: n02666919@hawkmail.newpaltz.edu

! :) thank you! 


We have a room that's available now, all-female house, 2 blocks to campus or Main Street.  Please call 845-255-6895.


Hi I have a room available
It is $440 a month and located in the town of new paltz
Let me know
My name is michelle
646 4839335


If you are still looking for a  room please give us a call at 845-532-4113


Hey, I have a 2 bedroom apartment with a balcony on the second floor in southside apartments right across the street from campus. My apartment is one of the nice ones at the beginning of the complex. I'm a grad student who is rarely in the apartment, 6 month lease. $575/ month. Call or text me 315.719.5731. My name is Erin :)


Hey I am looking for a place to live early november / end of october. If you are still looking for a roomate or place to live let me know! (631)707-3564

I found a few places that seem good and I love dubstep, WOMP:)