Looking to board in a quiet household / OR to live with Grad students

Started by Renter15, April 12, 2017, 02:01:03 AM

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I'm a student looking for a quiet environment, conducive to studying and where I can count on sleeping. I'm looking to board in a house or else to live with likeminded grad students or professionals. Undergrads looking for the same, would work too.

I need to live with mature, respectful, considerate, quieter people (not interested in partying). I have a definite preference for housemates who are  not into hosting groups of people over constantly so that I can expect to use the space to do work half of the time, and just to have likeminded people around...

On my end: considerate of housemates, not noisy, willing to pitch in for common tasks and friendly. I will have a full school workload, so will be spending most of my time working.  I get along with most people so long as they are considerate, use common courtesy and are communicative (it's essential).

If you have a room in a household that fits this description, please be in touch! Send me a private message.



I have a large room available in my house that will be available June 1st (but you can move in later). Together with the room you get your own private bathroom. The rest of the house: kitchen, living room, etc. is common living space. There is a laundry room and basement for storage. There is also a big back yard area and central air. The rent is $600 a month with ALL utilities included. There is cable, high-speed Internet, snow and garbage removal. The house is located three miles from campus, a five-minute drive. One-month security deposit and one-year lease. If interested e-mail me back at newpaltzangel@yahoo.com


My house sounds like a good fit! I just signed a lease on a 6BR 1.5 miles from campus and my bf and I are the only tenants so far. You would need a car as it is a 5 minute drive. It is a large and beautiful space with a kitchen, washer dryer, dishwasher, and big bedrooms. The lease starts August 18, 2017 and runs until August 15, 2018.

We are quiet and respectful people and are looking for similar types of people. I don't mean to say that we hate having fun, but we are definitely not the partying types. We will have our friends over, and you can have yours over too, but no ragers or loud noise past midnight.

There are still 5 bedrooms available, and 1 of them is twice the size of a normal room. Guys and girls welcome. Students only. Rent varies from $595-$615 and includes all utilities! Email me at Landauc1@hawkmail.newpaltz.edu if you are interested or have questions!