$690 2 Rooms for Rent 14 Wurts Ave.

Started by rosycoleman22, October 03, 2016, 04:23:17 PM

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House located at 14 Wurts Ave. Ideal for students, 2 minute walk to campus, 1 minute walk into town. Two rooms are available starting mid-October through June 2017 with lease renewal available. October rent will be prorated. Move in date flexible. Sooner the better. Me and my friend are moving out of town and are interested in signing the lease over to someone. Rent is $690/month ALL UTILITIES INCLUDED. There are 4 other bedrooms with awesome roommates who all work and go to school. Large house with attic and basement storage. Front and back porch. Backyard with fire pit. Coed house. Laundry in basement.

Picture available upon request.
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