Room for Rent 10mins by car from Campus

Started by Celina Kishna, August 30, 2016, 10:16:52 AM

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Celina Kishna

I have a room available in October.  Rent is $740 with utilities included. Utilities included are water, heat, electric and wifi. There is no cable. There is no washer/dryer.  I am the only other occupant. The bathroom and kitchen is shared. It's a quiet location. I am a quiet person and a graduate student. I work from home and need a roommate who is quiet and tidy.
Please contact me at



my name is liam, i am currently a full time student at new paltz and work part time as well. i am looking to move in with a clean and quiet roommate which is perfect and i would like to be closer to campus. would love to hear back from you if the room is still available.

Thank you,