looking for a third roommate close to campus 640 or best offer/ month

Started by Cmcardle22, December 14, 2015, 07:15:15 PM

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ALSO The mattress is a year old and is also for sale, & the leather chair in the corner is included in the room

Room available off of church street (the street perpendicular to Main Street). The campus is a 10 minute walk and the walk to town is 1 minute (we have a path connecting our complex to Murphys and Bangkok Thai)

-Located in Orchard Heights complex
-The house is 650 per month
-Lease starts Jan 1st/ends June 1st (if you want to move things in earlier I can allow you to from Dec 30th on)
-utilities are included, except for electric (around $70 every 2 months) and wifi (20).
-the room has hard wood floors and 2 closets. 1.5 bathrooms!
-The largest room in the house!

let me know if this interests you and I can send you more info