Started by dxp8213, June 07, 2016, 08:13:19 PM

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Hey guys let me start out by saying that im a very outgoing person, i love to have fun, listen to music but I enjoy my peace and quiet too .

I found a 4br home that is literally a minute walk from campus and probably like a 5 minute walk to center of town/ bar area. I am looking for 2 more roommates!!

Each room is 450 and utilities average out to be 70 dollars per person.

I am trying to sign the lease by Friday June 10th!

Guys its a really good deal!!

Also must mention incase you are curious, I am a girl (22yrs old), then the other roommate is a guy he is about 23 .. we are both students 

txt me if interested 585-435-7989


Hi I was wondering if you still had this available if so i'm interested and my number is 518 593 6670!