Looking for female roomate, located 5 minute walk from campus

Started by VictoriaPalma, April 07, 2016, 09:58:59 PM

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Hey! My name is Victoria. I'm looking for a female roommate to fill in the extra bedroom in my apartment. I live in a two bedroom apartment located in the Windsor Court apartment complex which is a 5 minute walk to campus and main street. I'm looking for someone that's looking to move in June 1st. The cost would be $600/month plus electric and wifi (which turn out to be about 40$ for each of us). I keep the apartment pretty clean with lots of plants and I also have a small cat who is very playful and cute. I'm a junior, 23 years old and a Philosophy major.  If you think you may be interested and have further questions feel free to email me at Victoriaannpalma@gmail.com. :)