Consider subletting to us for the summer.

Started by rubigayle, February 04, 2016, 01:12:04 PM

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Hi! We are a professional couple in our very late 50's...let's face it...I'll be 60 in October. ( Ugh!How did that happen?) I am a High school Choral teacher with 37 years hubby runs a sleep lab....We have a daughter finishing up grad school at SUNY in August...(SUNY Class of 14  undergrad Valedictorian! Woo Hoo!)  we are looking to sublet for the summer right after graduation in Memorial day weekend up there.... until first or second week of August...I will be up there more than my husband will but will definitely be there on weekends. We are definitely cool for old people, we remember our college days well and have two college age kids. We don't want to spend a fortune but would be open to renting  any of the following combinations..
1. a 2 bedroom apt ..( my daughter's lease expires in June..if she doesn't sublet from whoever takes over the place) .
2.A studio for my husband and I.
3.An apartment share with just my husband and I
4. A large room in a house with private bathroom.
5. Air conditioning or allow us to bring in a small window air conditioner.

More info: we will leave your place cleaner than we found it, we keep a really low profile,  ..We want to hike, bike, and chill on the weekends. We did this last year and had a blast. We actually roomed with a 21 year old student and we all were fine. Please consider renting to us at a reasonable cost for the summer and i can guarantee you that you will not be sorry. SUNY students don't discount us because of our age...we are THAT cool. Our requirements: just be reliable with confirming arrangments and don't leave us hanging til the last second so we can know what are summer plans are. If you live in Windsor Courts that is a plus. I really liked renting there last year. Furniture not required ..we have inflatable furniture that is just the best. Please  text Gayle at 609 577 1755.