26 male student looking for housing for fall semester

Started by ac300, August 28, 2015, 07:40:49 PM

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I am looking for housing in or outside the town of New Paltz for the current fall semester.  One bedroom apartments or a bedroom within a house is fine.  I get along with almost anyone so roommates are not a problem.  Would like rent to be around $450-$500 per month. 


Hi there,
We have a sweet studio available for rent. We are in High Falls...about 15 minutes to the SUNY campus. The studio is fully furnished and is $700 a month including everything. Our current tenant (who has lived here for 2 years) is moving to San Francisco for a training program and the person who said they wanted to take the space just backed out yesterday. We share a front door and then your studio has its own separate entrance. It's the upstairs level of our home. Let us know if you'd like to come see it. You can text me at 845-two four nine-0 six six 0.
Thank you!


Thank you for the reply however I am just looking for a place with rent less than $500/ month


Cannot cover expenses at the rent you specify, but if you have a potential room mate to share 225sqft room (with half bath) in very congenial house, it would be $515 each person.
Pro-rated if for One.
Here are details: