Gardiner House for Rent

Started by rochelle, August 21, 2015, 08:29:00 PM

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Comfortable three-bedroom house, for rent in lovely country setting in  Gardiner from September through December 2015.  Couple or family preferred. Monthly rent negotiable.


My husband and I are looking for a place to escape to on the weekends, holidays through the first half of the year. We are not looking for a huge financial committment but we are professionals, spotless, considerate and in our late 50's. We primarily would like to hike and see our daughter who is a graduate student at the college and lives in the area.
If interested please text 609 577 1755 with what you are asking for rent. We would use one bedroom and it would be weekends only with a once in a while 3 day holiday.



Hello, if the house is still for rent, my housemate and I are interested. I'm a 1993 New Paltz graduate and he is a massage therapist in his late 20's. Neither of us smoke nor have any pets or children. We do, however, have great references and would like to rent year 'round, long-term. What is the rent range and which utilities, if any, would be included? Please feel free to email me @ or call/text @ 828-301-3798. Thank you.


Is this house going to be available for a one-year lease beginning in June? If so, feel free to email me at with information about the house!