2 bedroom apt. in renovated barnhouse

Started by MacckR, July 26, 2015, 09:21:15 PM

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It's right outside of new paltz by the ulster county fair grounds on Libertyville Rd.. The apt. itself is very cool and has 1 bathroom with a tub and shower. The kitchen isn't huge but there's a gas stove and a good amount of storage space.
The bedrooms are well lit and there's also a half room where you can store extra items or make into a creative space. whatever you're in to. If you have any questions or know anyone who is interested please let me know!
it's available august 15th or september 1st but if you need it sooner we can talk.
Thank you for being awesome!  :D

Here's a picture of the main room...for more pics just click this link here! - http://imgur.com/a/nvD4s#0



My name is Page and I'm a grad student returning to SUNY New Paltz to finish my MA in Music Therapy.  I'm very interested in the apartment.  Would I be renting the whole apartment or just a room?  Also, how much is it?  My email is pagemcintyre@gmail.com so if you could email me there--that would be great.  Thanks!! :)


Hi!! Lovely space!! How much is it per month and how far is it from the SUNY campus?
Am a 22 year old gurl from Sweden who is taking a couple classes at SUNY this fall and in the spring! Please email me at DLL1@alfred.edu if it is not yet filled  :)