Looking for a place by Aug 15th.

Started by uberpaltz, July 31, 2015, 05:29:45 PM

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Hello everyone,

My name's Jeffrey, age 25, transferring in to SUNY New Paltz as a graduate student this semester and I'm looking for a quiet place to stay.

> A place that is not too far from campus (yet, not hoping for rent prices exceeding $550 with utilities)
> Roommates who don't smoke, party, are not too loud (I'm getting old and I just need peace and quite lol), are clean (or understand what it means to pick up after oneself)

If there are rooms open, or people seeking for roommates (and feel we may get along haha) do contact me via e-mail. I would be happy to talk with you!

cout << "jeff.yangsta@ymail.com" << endl;

Thanks for reading!