Do you need personal "space"?!.....close to New Paltz SUNY Campus.

Started by mwyard, June 23, 2015, 05:05:22 PM

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Aa-a-ah! Space!!

Great mix of communal space and your own really decent room.
Quiet residential neighbourhood location about 200 paces from campus.
Sizeable house for people with mature attitude to studying!

Large room with private entrance can be double or single occupancy.
Second large room with half-bath en suite can be double or single occupancy.
2 smaller single rooms available. (Update: 2 small rooms no longer available. Naturally!!)

Den, kitchen and DR.
Landlord pays oil heat, garbage, lawn & snow.
Tenants share elec, internet, HW (energy-saving "endless"!), water/sewer.

Amazing completely private deck. Free tennis nearby!

IMPORTANT: if you are looking for a Party House, this is NOT it.
This is offered as a Quiet House, where you can work hard and relax comfortably, as considerate members of a residential neighbourhood.

When requesting landlord's Application Form, which gives further details, please introduce yourself a little.


Hi.  I'm currently looking for a house just like the one you described.  please let me know how much the rent is for each room.  I will be in the New Paltz area tomorrow evening (Monday).  Would it be possible to stop by and see the house tomorrow night?  please respond to



Sorry; I have been relying on some kind of "notification" from this site and I missed your reply.
There is still space available if you need it.
Feel free to call 84-430-6787



Is this space still available? If so, what is your complete phone number?
Thank you!!!



I am interested and would like to rent a room in a quiet, studious house. I am an uPPerclass student who is looking for a communal sPace as well as somewhere to relax and enjoy Privacy. If a room is still available, I would aPPreciate hearing from you!