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Rooms Available in House!
« on: June 15, 2015, 12:51:07 PM »
Hello there!
My name is Nadia and i am a Junior this year at NP.
I recently signed a year lease for this beautiful house on Pinecrest Rd, off of Duzine (across the street from Rite Aid) within walking distance of school realistically. It is a two apartment house, one upstairs and one below.
Each have their own kitchen, living area and will have 5 bedrooms, i believe as it is currently being renovated completely :) so everything will be freshly painted and such!
It is $550 per month plus utilities which the landlord has heard in the past from other tenants that it tends coming out to around $50-$100 however he couldn't tell me for sure because this is a house be has recently bought.
But each apt will have its own meter so the bill really would just be broken down between the 5 people rather than the whole house.
OH! and the owner is cool with subleasing as well..

In addition, there will be another bathroom added downstairs and the the living room for the bottom floor has access to the deck and pretty large backyard. The owner is throwing in outside furniture as well as a grill too ;) But the cool thing about it is that the room is one of those completely windowed out heated/AC patio sort of living rooms...large enough for at least three couches!

Only 2 other people have signed for the house in total i believe so i am trying to help fill it up!

I have decided to live downstairs, as i believe it has the better kitchen and bathroom(s).
I am looking for other females to help fill up my floor since I ultimately would prefer to live with more females than males however I understand that it wouldn't be  fair of me exclude anyone who was really interested yet there is also several rooms available upstairs to check out too so no worries!

Feel free to email me at if your interested in more details or want to check out the place !