1 Room Available in 5 Bedroom House-Available Aug 20,2015-5 Min. Walk to Campus

Started by 8noakwood, May 14, 2015, 09:51:15 PM

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House is well maintained, quiet and very neat. There is a front porch and rear deck, and nice lawn. The kitchen was just renovated. This house is located in a quiet residential area.
Lease is for one year starting on August 20th.
We have one large room on the first floor that is 10 ½ by 15 ½ ft. at $600.00 per month.
Utilities are not included and are shared by all tenants.
Tenants are responsible for the following utilities-Electric, Natural Gas, Propane, Water & Sewer. Internet service (15 mbps) and wireless router will be provided by landlord.
In addition, landlord will take care of Mowing, Landscaping, Snow Removal, Maintenance, Garbage and Recycling. Parking is provided in private driveway. 
Washer and dryer are provided free of charge. 
No pets of any kind are allowed and there will be No Smoking allowed.
Subletting is not permitted.
This is not a Party House!

Please send your name and contact information to 8noakwood@hvc.rr.com