Summer Sublet

Started by brelev, April 20, 2015, 08:12:40 PM

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Hello Everyone!

My roommate and I are looking for people to sublet our two bedroom apartment this summer. The apartment can be yours starting May 19th until July 31st. Rent is $1250 a month ($625 per person and only for the months of June and July because May is already paid for :) ) and utilities are not included (but in the summer months it will barely cost you anything!) The apartment is very spacious and can fit three people if necessary!  The apartment is located on Main Street and is very close to the Trailways Bus station and other great places in town. The laundromat is located steps away for your convenience. The apartment is also a 2-5 minute walk to and from campus if you are taking a summer class. The apartment can come partially furnished, the decision depending on the people subletting. The landlord is very accommodating and is available in case of emergency. There is also on site parking for the people living in the complex. I cannot stress how amazing this apartment is and we would love to sublet it to amazing people! Please send a message if interested or have anymore questions!