Author Topic: Looking for a house/room not in a "quiet" residential neighborhood  (Read 542 times)


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Hows it going everyone? My name is Peter and I'm a senior CS student. Im trying to find a place for the full year starting in June, Im not opposed to August though. Im looking for a room preferably in a house for anywhere under $700/month, although I may be willing to go higher. The reason Im looking for a not quiet residential neighborhood is because I have this giant shelf system stereo that I would like to have in the house. It didn't cause too many issues with my current neighbors but I've had some noise complaints. The house doesn't need to be a party house of any sorts, but it needs to be able to handle some noise. Aside from that, I'm pet friendly, 4/20 friendly and I'm neat, clean and respectful.
So If anyones interested or knows of someone who's interested, call me at (631)-655-9165 or email me at: