Author Topic: Looking for new place to move, new housemate and/ or fresh people to live with!  (Read 719 times)


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I can afford 400-650 a month if not more. However it's gotta be worth it, so to speak...

My friends call me Joey, otherwise Joey Flowers... you can call me Joe. I just got a sweet new job working full-time with overtime into the summer and so on. I need a new place to live, and I'm looking for something uptown closer to Stop N' Shop, but not too far up, considering I'll be working over there-ish.
Ideal apartment would be/includes:

 8) Chill housemate,  -maybe two or three people.
i.e. I'm leaving a place where its 11 people in two apartments in one house, and cleaning sucks.

 8) Nice kitchen, living space,
 8) Non-smoking inside is always best.
 8) Pets are cool, as long as there is no smell w/cat, and there's a good vacuum if there's a dog.
 8) Has a yard, or patio to hangout on...
 8) the neighbors aren't cranky, and won't make calls to complain... for example: if they have a child and there's music playing late.

I'd prefer to live with girls, but it doesn't really matter.
I'll be working all day into nights anyway. If and when I feel like partying I'll go out to a bar, or to a friends to get turnt.

my cell is 516-712-7459 call or text, and email works.
Please & Thank you


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Hello my name is Alayna Wageman! I saw you were looking for a room, not sure if you need one still because I am looking for a sublet for the summer!

The house is on 10 Orchard Lane which is about a 5 minute walk to SUNY New Paltz campus.  Currently there are 7 girls living in the house, you would have your own room on the first floor. If you want I am completely comfortable leaving my twin bed, drawers, desk, and mini fridge for you to use. There is also a closet. The girls are great and are extremely easy going. I play on the New Paltz Field Hockey team so most of my housemates are on the team or on Volleyball.

The rent is $650 a month (and does not include electric and cable, cable(which includes WIFI) is 14$/per month and electric is paid every two months and comes too about 35$)

I am looking for a sublet from June 01 2015 to August 01 2015, if you need to stay more days in August we can discuss arrangements. I am currently abroad so the best way to contact me in through email (