Summer sublet end of may - aug 1 $625

Started by n02435555, March 10, 2015, 08:02:25 AM

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Me and my roomie will be graduating May 17th and are looking for Summer sublets. You can come in anytime after May 17 and our lease goes until August 1. Rent is $625 a month and we wouldn't include utilities. We've decided we'll take care of them since they're in our names. Essentially, it would cost $1250 all together for some of may, and all of June and July.

The apartment is at the Paltz commons! Amazing location. You can come check it out beforehand of course. I will take only one sublet if you don't have a friend in mind. If that's the case you'd pretty much have the place to yourself and would only have to pay for one room (unless my roomie found another random sublet to live with you).

We can leave a dresser and bed in each room (if need be). We can also clear everything out. Pretty sure the small kitchen table can be left for use and one 3 person couch in the living room.

Okay! Sorry for babbling, hope to hear from you! My email is or