need a place to call home spring 15

Started by gambit, October 30, 2014, 09:24:06 AM

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 hi there,
I'm a male who will be attending New Paltz next semester (spring 15). I am looking for a place with cool people who are easygoing and awesome to live with. Needs to be a nice place in town, close to campus. I'm a chill person who likes to have a good time and I'm a mature upperclassman who is respectful too. I'm a great roommate and easy to live with. If anyone has an open space in a house with really cool people that I'd be interested in renting for next semester please let me know.
I'm also open to living in a more private situation in a one bedroom apartment or studio if anyone on here has something like that too.
My names nick and you can email me at (N-I-K no C in my email to avoid any confusion)


I have a house 1 block from campus.  Quiet roomates who are considerate of each other.  It is a 4 bedroom house and 2 of the bedrooms upstairs are going to be open due to graduation.  Please feel free to give me a call at 845-527-6539 or email at