Beautiful Apartment in Gardiner, 17 minutes from Campus

Started by robinhayes, October 24, 2014, 10:12:57 AM

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Do you go home or elsewhere most weekends? This lovely, light, airy apartment is suitable for one or two people. It is fully furnished and has amazing views of the ridge. It is private with separate entrance, deck, driveway, etc. Apartment is available Sunday night-Friday afternoon, and some weekends. There is a place to securely store your personal belongings when you are not there (which is when I sometimes use the apartment for visiting family).

Full kitchen, good sized bathroom, and more. If this schedule suits you, let's talk. I would consider both weekly and monthly rental options.

For Sunday night thru Friday afternoon, rent is $145 per week, or $560 per month. All utilities are included. Photos available upon request (I tried to attach here, but it says file is too large).

Please email me if you are interested:


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