Neat, friendly grad student seeking housing - Fall 2014

Started by Kelby007, June 02, 2014, 08:11:41 PM

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Hey all,

I will be a graduate student attending SUNY New Paltz this coming school year, starting fall 2014. I am looking for a room/apartment, preferably with a lease that begins in August (Sept will do just fine, too). I am friendly, neat, easy to live with, and am capable of keeping up with rent. I am hoping to spend no more than $650/mo if utilities are included. I'd like to live close to campus, but have a car so outside of town would work also. I would rather not live in a place that is constantly noisy, chaotic, and dirty (read: a party house).

If you have a room available that looks to fit this and are searching for a tenant; if you are seeking a roommate to split a place with or fill in a hole left by someone moving from your place; if you are a like-minded individual trying to gather people to rent a place with multiple bedrooms...please let me know.


Kelly :)


hi ! if you are still looking please email me at


If you're still looking for a nice clean place to live call me 516 459-3657


I have a room available in the ridge apartments right across from the campus starting September 1st. It is a first floor corner apartment. It's probably one of the nicest apartment complexes near the campus and it is quiet. The apartment is fully furnished except for your bedroom. $700 with all utilities included i.e. Wi-Fi, TV, heat, air-conditioning?

I am a SUNY graduate this past may. If you're interested we could set a time for you to come see the apartment. Hope to hear from you soon!