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Started by Capobianco, May 25, 2014, 04:03:49 PM

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My name is Lauren and I'm a Graduate student looking to sublet a room in (or very close to) SUNY New Paltz from July 1st - until August 1st or 5th if possible. I'm reliable, clean and not interested in a "party" house. I'm taking 9 credits during summer session 3 and would just like a nice, clean place to stay since I don't live nearby. I'm able to provide references from a professor if necessary to prove that I'm a student taking classes this summer.

A furnished room with a bed would be best, but if not I can rough it for the month and use an air mattress and bring a folding table with me. I'm hoping to find something that includes all or most utilities since I'm only subletting for the month. A shared laundry room, kitchen, bathroom. Please provide pictures of the room and space. Tell me what you are asking for rent and also how many others will be living in the space. Is it an apartment building, a shared house, or a room to rent in a family home, etc? Please contact me asap because I need to find something before my classes begin! Thank you

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I have found a room! Thank you for all the responses! I did not expect to have so many options. Thanks again  :)