Looking for a place that is Pet Friendly

Started by Essjayne, May 22, 2014, 02:05:16 PM

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Hey there New Paltz,
I am a responsible female Art Education who is going to be a senior this upcoming year at New Paltz and I'm stuck looking for a place for next semester. I have a very sweet well behaved indoor house cat that would be moving in with me so I need a place that is pet friendly. I'm open to moving in with either girls or guys, a studio type apartment or a shared house. Preferably I'd like to be close to campus (who wouldn't?) but I do have a car so if you have something available let me know!
I'm into Yoga, traveling, reading, photography, and art; maybe we have something in common! I like to have fun but I do take my work seriously so I'm not looking to move into a party house.
If you have anything or know of anything available feel free to shoot me an email at Essjayne@gmail.com