Author Topic: Looking for a room, fall 2014 only  (Read 743 times)


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Looking for a room, fall 2014 only
« on: April 15, 2014, 06:09:10 PM »
Hi! I'm coming to New Paltz on exchange from New Zealand this fall and am looking for a room within walking distance of the SUNY campus. I'm only here for the one semester (mid-august until the end of december) so if you have a room to sublet that would be perfect. I'm flexible on rent prices and move-in dates, but bonus points if the room is furnished; a bed would be awesome.

I'm 21 yrs old, pretty chill, reasonably tidy and a decent cook. I'd prefer to be off campus so hit me up if you have space for me. I'd really appreciate it :)

my email is

thanks homies!