Bedroom in newly renovated apartment- N. Chesnut Street

Started by Mishka, December 20, 2011, 09:58:47 PM

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I am looking to sublet my room for the spring semester of 2012 because I am studying abroad.
I live in a newly renovated 4 bedroom apartment, with a kitchen, bathroom, and television (cable in included).
The rent it $575 a month, all utilities included (air conditioning, heat, and water.)
There are two windows, and the room is spacious enough to fit a desk, drawers, a bed, and more with room still available.
Living among a house of friendly college students, close to campus as well as town.

Ideally I'm  looking for two people to rent two rooms in this apartment because there are two available, but one person is fine as well.
Please e-mail me if you are interested I am more than happy to show you the place or answer any of your questions.

The address is 29 N Chestnut street across the dress from Pegasus the shoe store.
My email is emesgee@msn, please email me ASAP i am leaving the country on January 25th
Michelle G


Hi, I am interested in the room, i tried to send you email, but the address is incorrect. please call me if possible 6462807255