3 bedroom house for rent easy 3 miles from SUNY Npz

Started by carpenter, February 22, 2014, 05:29:00 PM

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This 3 bedroom New Paltz home has one room for $690, one for $700 and one for $720.  All utilities included, so no hidden costs, when many of the ads will look more affordable at first.  This house is very charming and not for those looking for a dorm like place to live.  It's an easy 3 minute drive to SUNY, on route 32, so if you have a car this the place to live, plus no interruptions from SUNY friends wandering in.  Lease is available from Aug 20th 2014 to May 20th 2015.  Includes all: Internet, cable, electric, washer/dryer, snow plowing, trash removal, landscaping of a large yard, a fireplace, 3 decks and plenty of parking.  Sorry, no pets.  If interested, you can e-mail me at eveningcarpenter@aol.com