Started by DDIETZ, February 04, 2014, 07:58:10 AM

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I have  a 5 BR for $550-595/r/m and  4 single rooms that share a bathroom and kitchen for $595/r/m. Everything is included except wifi and cable. Free off street parking. Lease starts 5/26/14. Subletting allowed. Email me at

I also have 2 6 BR house shares 1.5 miles from campus starting in August. $575-$615 includes everything.


Hello, I am interested in viewing any of your 4-5 person houses. I tried to email you however you provided an invalid email address. Please contact me at



My name is Emily and I am a graduate student looking for a place to live beginning this Summer.  I am quiet, neat and reliable.  If the one bedroom apartment for 750 is still open beginning in May please let me know. I tried to e-mail the address in the ad. but it wouldn't go through. My e-mail is


Emily S.



My name is Seri and I am interested in the 1 bedroom apartment for $750/m. I was wondering if the offer is still available, and if so, is it possible for the apartment to be rented out at the beginning of the fall semester (august '14)? I am extremely interested in this apartment and I tried to Email you but it wouldn't go through. Please feel free to Email me at

Thank you very much!


Hello, my name is Kevin Estrada. I have group of 5 students including myself who are interested in checking out the 5br place on South Oakwood Terrace that is available in late May. I tried contacting you but you provided in invalid e-mail address, as stated above. Please e-mail me at

Thank you.