Male, transfer student, looking for place to live Spring 2014

Started by papovitchj, December 02, 2013, 10:47:02 PM

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I'm a transfer student most likely coming to SUNY New Paltz this coming spring semester.

Looking for a room for $400/month or under. Distance does not matter, but would like to be within 10-15 minutes of campus, walking distance would be greatly preferred. Not a smoker, doesn't drink often. Generally very quiet person, you'll barely know I'm there.

If openings are available, please e-mail me at with information.


If you are still interested and can find a roommate my husband and I are subletting our apartment for the remainder of our lease. We recently just bought a house and are looking for sublets beginning Jan 20th (move in date can be negotiated)  untill the end of July of 2014. It is a large 2 bdrm apartment @ 850 a month which includes water, heat, garbage and parking. Please contact Seth @ 845-309-0925