Sublet 2 Bedroom Apartment

Started by CaitlinO, October 09, 2013, 08:03:00 PM

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Apartment available for sublet in Paltz Commons beginning January.
2 Bedrooms that are very spacious, and a lot of closet space.
$625 per person/ per month
The only bills that need to be covered are electric and propane.
Great location: 5 minute walk to campus and right in the middle of town across from the Trailways Station.
There is no laundry on site, but the laundry mat is conveniently located right next door.
No pets allowed.


Hello! My friend and I may be interested- we're coming back from studying abroad. Could you send me an email with some photos of the place and the contract if possible. Thanks!



If the apartment is still available starting in January, my friend and I are very interested. Please email me back at or text me at 631 834 5842. Thank you!!