Need Cheap Place to Stay/roommate

Started by castaneb1, July 13, 2013, 09:25:44 AM

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My name's Ben, and I'm looking for a cheap place to stay for this upcoming fall semester only. Something under 500/month would be nice. doesn't matter if utilities are shared or not included, just need cheap rent! I will be starting a masters in TESOL this fall and it would be cool if i could room with some like minded peeps. I'm not what you'd call a party animal, but i do like to get out and explure from time to time. spanish is my main thing, but i also know a bit of mandarin, and french. very into music and reading on topics ranging from the history of the english language to video game creation to whatever interesting articles i can find in the mags sitting on my toilet.  I play the drums pretty decently, and i'm into listening to world music from the 70's like novos baianos (brazilian rock group), or some contemporary stuff like dr. dog, or breakbot, or some daft punk, occasionally. Really, I like everything...even country!
like to cycle, run, stay fit (Not into recreational drugs) and i know how to cook mexican (a little bit) and be mindful/respectful of others.

so, let me know if you have something!