Started by mromeo, December 12, 2011, 03:38:24 PM

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I really don't want to let go of this place but unfortunately I have to! Located on 2 Harrington St., the place is half a block from Convenient Deli and only a few blocks away from the Stop n Shop- really close to campus. Three bedroom house with one room open. It's $475 per month plus 2 payments for the hot water tank, internet, and garbage. Comes to around $530 per month- which is still a great deal!!!! The kitchen and bathroom floors were re-done about 3 months ago and both the living room and kitchen have been re-painted. The landlord is only a house down and he is possibly the nicest most accommodating man on earth. The bedroom for lease is big enough to fit my dresser, full size bed, night table, trunk and a bit more. Closet is a good size as well. Kitchen, bathroom and living room are shared between you and your two amazing roommates. If ya like hanging out, have a good sense of humor, are respectful and don't mind occasional partying the place is for you. The sublet begins January 1st and goes through July 1st. We can talk prices for my bed and some of my furniture if you're interested! Feel free to email me ( or call me at 708.269.8244 if this sounds good- We can schedule a time for you to come see it!