grad student looking for fun mature clean responsible roomates a beautiful house

Started by Amazing roomate, May 15, 2013, 09:06:38 AM

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Amazing roomate

hey everyone. I found some really beautiful house with big bedroms, big living rooms, nice kitchen, nice full bathrooms, big back yards, driveways, front porch and a garage for my motorcycle. it would only be like $550 a month including utitilies. the lease would either start in June or August totally up to you.I did not want to sign it though until I found the right people to live with. I am really fun, clean, friendly, good hearted person. I do not smoke or do any drugs. i do not want to live in a party house what so ever but am totally down with people having freinds over for drinks and stuff as long as your friends are clean and responisble and the other roomies are cool with it as well. I have lived with 4 girls the past 4 years and would be came very close friends with them. i would prefer to live with girls but am open to living with guys. My promise to you is if you were to live with me you would have no problems and would have an amazing roomate. the way i see it is the people you live with should turnout to be good freinds and be like family in the end. I will be looking at houses weds, thursday, and friday and would like to sign a lease immediately. text or call me at 518-380-9805. maybe we could grab some lunch or a drink with everyone who is interested in living together and get to know everyone before we sign it. let me know . Ryan


Hi Ryan,

I have a studio apartment for rent in High Falls. It's $700/month including everything. Our current tenant has lived here for 2 years and he's now graduating with his MFA. Call if you are interested. My home number is 845-687-7005.


Amazing roomate

Only one room available in a 6 bedroom beautiful house. 3 girls and 2 guys live here. house has huge kitchen with skylight, living room, huge back yard, and front yard. everything about this place is gorgeous. It even has a huge sauna. very close to campus. roomates are very friendly, clean, mature, and responisble. The landlord would prefer a girl to sign the room. text or call me if interested. 518-380-9805. Thanks


Hey there,
I'm an incoming grad student for the music therapy program and am looking for roommates. Ryan, are you still looking for rooomies? I'm looking to pay no more than 600 a month, and I'd like to be within walking/biking distance to campus.