3 rooms available

Started by Broski.Joe, April 17, 2013, 05:57:58 PM

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Hey everyone,

I'm in need of 3 roommates, (Male or Female)
Basically it is a 4 person apartment, off campus, part of a small complex of 6 other nearly identical apartment.
It has 4 parking spots (1 for each roommate) 4 beds (obviously) 2 bathrooms, washer and dryer, living room, kitchen, walking distance to campus, (8 -10 min walk) In a pretty good location. It is $600 rent not including utilities.

If you are interested let me know, I was a transfer last semester so I understand the hassle of finding a place. And if you want to meet me let me know I down to meet people, especially if you want to live here.


I might be interested as I will be a transfer in the fall. can I have your email