I have EVERYTHING needed to live in a house but nobody to live with

Started by Pete, April 11, 2013, 07:23:49 PM

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My name's Pete. I have all you'd need: 2 couches, love seat, living room speakers, end tables, minifridge, spare dresser with big mirror, full dining, cooking, and silverware set (just need a spatula and another potato peeler and we goodie for kitchen things) - all my possession

I'm currently living with 6 girls and a turkish exchange dude. so I'm totally indifferent whether it's a place full of bros or ladies. I get along with literally anyone/thing. I cook often and well, and clean all the time - no bull on any of that.

my whole house will be empty next semester. I'm willing to relocate myself and all my stuff if anyone has offers. if you ain't got a place, upstairs here is $560/month if I get 3 others with me. includes 1 bathroom, 2 living room, 4 bedroom, and 1 decent kitchen. downstairs (where I am now) is $650/month with 2 bathrooms and one large living room with a mediocre kitchen, a lot more bedroom space though. this house is smack-dab center of town next to mobil gas station (5-10min walk from campus). the landlords are TOTAL TRASH though, but tolerable if problems are avoided. don't stop from having the occasional triple digit party though with still no major issues from them.

if you want more information or wanna scope the place/meet me, please give me a ringgydingy at 917-575-4148
just know how to laugh and not be a d-bag and anyone can be friends with me! so.. who's ready to love me?!