Female Roommate Needed (Fall 2013/Spring 2013)

Started by letsdobrunch11, April 10, 2013, 02:23:42 PM

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Hey Laaaaaadies: I am an incoming transfer, going to be in my senior year, very easy going, 420 friendly, interested in film and television, aspiring screen-writer, cheese afficianado, jokester extraordinaire, very clean....I am looking for a roommate to share a lovely home with!  I am interested in living in Southside Terrace Apartments (fully furnished, very close to campus).  The cost per person is 5 equal payments of $497.50 for a total cost of $2,487.50 per semester.  Let me know if you are interested/have any questions! My email is letsdobrunch11@aim.com

-Mia F