Art Student looking for Like Minds to Live with

Started by chelseasbees, April 02, 2013, 03:49:30 PM

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Hey ya'll. My name is Chelsea and I am looking for a room to live in next semester. My only qualm is ending up with people who are very unlike me. Not that it's the *worst* thing, but I'd really prefer to live with people I could personally consider cool. Cause even if we're different, you're still cool (:

I am an art student, I have an interest in philosophy and politics and really like indie rock and shoegaze. Hit me up if you're looking for that special someone to take your room. I'm a sweetheart and I can stay out of your way, but if we get along you'll get to enjoy my sarcastic and sometimes dark humor.

reply to this or email me ( if I pique your interest (;