Author Topic: [SIMPLE] looking for a place to live with simple things Fall 13  (Read 840 times)


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Looking for a place to live that is simple
Here is my list
1. Not 2 far from campus
2. Rent range $400-550 includes utilities
3. I have my own room
4. Sign something or have an agreement with someone that I will have a place to stay.
5. Fall 2013

About me:
I pay my bills on time, I'm a senior about to graduate looking for a year lease or month to month whatever avail. Im cool, outgoing, clean, and just straight out chill. if you have more questions just ask. I dont really care how the place looks, just as long as I get my own room that has a lock on it.
 ;D ;D ;D ;D

If you have something that fits my budget let me know asap!
9148435289  call/ text